Mastitis Control Popularization Project (MCPP)

It is estimated that round 60% of the losses in mastitis (inflammation of the udder) is due to the sub-clinical form. The farmer usually remains unaware of the existence of this form in his animals. A field level control programme has now been formulated to identify and treat sub-clinical mastitis which is cost effective and farmer friendly. Also, under the Project, the use Ethno-Veterinary Medicine (EVM) is being promoted as a cost effective, simple and sustainable solution for the farmer to manage clinical and chronic forms of mastitis. This will also address issues related to antibiotic residues in milk and, antimicrobial resistance in general. Extension also plays a vital role in awareness creation and transfer of knowledge to the farmer for which posters, hand-outs etc are provided at the MPP and farmer level on how to detect and manage all forms of mastitis and, also for effective management of other ailments by EVM.


  • The project aims to highlight the significance of subclinical mastitis, a form that causes more losses than the clinical or chronic forms and how its detection and treatment could help farmers to increase their profits.
  • Use of Ethno Veterinary Medicine to reduce antibiotic residues in milk

Services provide under the MCPP Programme

  • Carried out California Mastitis Test (CMT) from milk sample of selected MPPs under MCPP to detect sub clinical mastitis.
  • Sample found positive for sub clinical mastitis is offering Tri-Sodium Citrate (TSC) powder initially to reduce effect of sub clinical mastitis.
  • Use of Ethno Veterinary Medicine (EVM) concept to animals suffering with various type of diseases.
  • Carried out test from milk samples to found antibiotic residues for Beta, tetracycline, Sulpha & Quinolones group antibiotics.
  • Carried out somatic cell count test from milk samples with use of digital reader.
  • Conduct extension programme & provide advisory services to farmer on animal health & nutrition.

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Details of physical achievement:


FY 2019-20 Achievement

MPP covered under MCPP


Total pooled milk samples tested by CMT 7885
Total pooled milk samples tested positive by CMT 513
CMT positivity of pooled cow / buffalo / mixed milk (%) 7
No of animals treated with EVM concept 658
No of animals Cured with EVM concept 579
% result with use of EVM concept 88