Company Profile

Maahi Milk Producer Company Limited


The Company is a Producer Company incorporated under the provisions of Part-IXA of the Companies Act, 1956 (Now Chapter XXI-A of the Companies Act. 2013) on June 7, 2012 in the State of Gujarat. 

The motto of the Company behind the establishment and operations is the upliftment of villages & growth of the livelihood of milk producers.

Company has commenced its commercial operations from 18th March 2013 with the operation of milk procurement spread in the districts of Saurashtra and Kutch region of Gujarat covering 1,912 villages and 2,142 MPPs (Milk Pooling Points) with 85,194 milk producers associated as members.

During the span of 10 years’ period of time, company has grown in all the areas of operations viz., no. of members, operational districts, milk procurement etc.  Presently, company has 1,13,034 members associated with the Company out of which 46.48% are women members. Company procures milk through 2532 Milk Pooling Points located in 2272 villages spreading in 11 districts of Saurashtra and Kutch (i.e., Junagadh, Gir Somnath, Amreli, Botad, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Morbi, Jamnagar, Dev Bhumi Dwarka, Kutch and Porbandar). The average milk procurement recorded for the financial year 2023-24 for the period ended 31st March, 2024 is 8.58 LKGPD.


In order to have security in the matter of acceptance of milk and payment to the members, each member of the company has been allotted sixteen-digit unique code based on their geographical location (district, taluka, and village). Towards the digitalization and transparency in milk collection, company has in house developed and implemented AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) through which to capture quantity and Fat & SNF of milk etc. thus eliminating human intervention and errors.

Company makes direct payment in the Bank Account of all its 1,13,034 members on every 10 days’ payment cycle. Members have been given a facility of android application which contain details of their milk payment. Members get immediate SMS on pouring his/her milk at MPP and payment made towards pouring of milk.

With a view to make village families self- dependent for cooking gas and obtain highly organic enriched bio-manure, company encourages installation of flexi bio gas plants under New National Biogas and Organic Manure Programme (NNBOMP) being implemented by NDDB, Anand.

Company’s objective is to give maximum return to its members and for that it pays competitive price of the milk poured by the members and additional consideration in the form of differential price/incentive/bonus etc. For F.Y. 2022-23, company has paid 81.11% of its total sales revenue to the members which includes additional consideration.

Company is very active on CSR front and undertaking different projects like Project “ATMASAMMAN” to provide Training to enhance vocational skill and enhance livelihood, Entrepreneurial skill development in Animal Husbandry etc. Project Swasthya Sathe Vidhya aims to eradicate hunger, poverty and malnutrition, promoting health care including preventive health care and sanitation. Environmental Protection through the project “PARYAVARAN”. This apart Company makes contribution to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

With a view to upgrade Data Processor Milk Collection Unit (DPMCU), company has 
installed solar power plant at majority of its operational MPPs. All milk routes which 
are connected from every MPP to all operational chilling centers have been made 
transparent through GPS. Company’s IT Department has developed various android 
based applications like:

*Maahi Member APP. – After login with the registered member code alongwith the registered mobile no., Member can get the information about their day to day milk pouring data with notification and alerts.

*Maahi VCG Meeting App. – Mobile App. for conducting VCG meeting and track properly which helps to reduce the usage of paper and makes compilation of data easy. It is to ensure fair participation of milk producers at village level. Through this app VCG can also see pending issue and meeting list by which they can take appropriate follow up.

* Maahi Sahayak APP. – Through this app, sahayak can see their MPPs day to day milk pouring data with notifications and alerts. They can also register their equipment complaints from this app.

* BMC Energy Management – An app to monitor and reduce BMC wise chilling cost and electricity cost.  

* Milk on Mobile APP. – Through this app, Rajkot and Jamnagar based customers can place their orders for purchase of Maahi’s products. Customers get the doorstep delivery of Maahi’s products without any additional cost.

Recently, company has taken one more initiate towards digitalization by way of conversion of physical mode of Member Application Form(MAF) into Digital mode. An android based member enrollment application has been developed in-house and has been implemented in the operation. Company is using two methods of authentication of Member Application viz., e- signing through OTP based on the Aadhar Card no. and second, Biometric based signing through the thumb impression of applicant. Digitalization of MAF will help in easy verification of Application along with attached KYC documents and tracking of Application would become easier and faster which will save man-hours.

In respect of quality control, all cluster Bulk Milk Coolers/Chilling Centers of the Company are well equipped with the basic testing facilities and instruments for quality testing of raw milk. Further, wherever required, quality improvements in the products are continuously and promptly carried out based on the customer and market feedback.

Early chilling of milk is critical to preserve the quality of collected fresh milk by restricting the bacterial growth. For that company has planned to cover all viable MPPs under BMC installation. Till date, BMC plants under Hub Spoke model have been installed at 21 MPPs and more MPPs will be covered for BMC installation within short span of time.

For the reduction in electricity cost, company has initiated installation of Solar Power Plant at different places of operation. There is   already installation of solar Power Plant with 115KW capacity and 120 KW capacity at AFNU and 80 KW capacity at Kutiyana. Recently, solar power plant installation has been completed at Jamnagar, Gadhada, Chotila and Chalala. 

Towards the accuracy and transparency in accounting, Company uses SAP system of Accounting. Company has implemented Hybrid cloud solution (Private Cloud for SAP) through IBM and Airtel sharing with 5 Milk Producer Companies.

For the enlargement of product baskets, Company regularly launches new products in the market. On the Maahi’s 11th Anniversary on 18th March, 2024, Company has launched Maahi Girdhara Cow milk which is procured from milk of Cow of Gir region. Maahi Girdhara Cow Milk is pasteurized milk and is good source of calcium, protein and vitamins. The special feature of Girdhara cow milk is that it can remain fresh upto 10 days under refrigeration or below 8 0C and it has more shelf life than any other competitor's cow milk. With this, company’s products baskets consist of poly packed milk Girdhara Cow Milk, butter milk, skimmed milk powder, flavoured milk, ghee, cow ghee, kadhi Chaas, paneer, curd, shrikhand, Mishti Doi and Lassi having different variants in different consumer pack sizes.

In order to make available Premium Cow ghee under the name “Gir-Amrut” in every corner of India, company has tied up with Amazon and is available on Amazon Portal. Further, Premium Buffalo Ghee in 1 Ltr. is put on Jio Mart through which it is made available in Gujarat and Mumbai.  

Maahi is the only Dairy organization in Gujarat which has launched its’ Milk and Milk products with quality mark logo of NDDB. It’s a symbol of quality and safe products. 

Maahi has got Fair Business Practices Jamnalal Bajaj Awards under Manufacturing Enterprises category for FY 2021-22. Maahi has also got a prestigious award continuously second year for FY 2022-23 for active participation in NCDFI – E Market presented by Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs & Minister of Co-Operation Shri Amit Shah.

Company has widened its sales & distribution network and has spread from Saurashtra & Kutch region to the cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. Company has entered into Madhya Pradesh Market and launched milk and milk products w.e.f. 12th December, 2023 in the districts of Indore, Ujjain, Ratlam, Mandsore, Dewas, Biora, Dhar and Khandwa.

Through a Quarterly Magazine ‘Maahi Mitra’ which is circulated free of cost to all its Members, members are made aware about all the essential activities carried by the company. 

Company facilitates the doorstep delivery of the milk and milk products at MRP to the customers through App like Milk on Mobile, Mobile Milk Parlours etc. Member App, gives an option to the customer by which he can place an order for products of the company for either 7 days or 30 days against advance payment. Further, Maahi has developed the new Concept of Maahi Mall through which all the products of Maahi can be made available to rural people. 

With an objective to provide quality veterinary services at the doorstep of farmers and milk producers, Maahi has launched “Maahi Pashu Seva” an ambulatory service on 6th September 2022 from Talaja BMC. Doorstep Veterinary Health Services (DVHS) has been made available in all the operational districts of Maahi. 

Maahi has taken over the cattle feed factory situated at Khandheri from NDDB on long lease w.e.f. 1st April, 2018 and renamed the Unit as Animal Feed & Nutrition Unit (AFNU). The unit has the capacity of producing 200 MT of cattle feed per day. It has a mineral mixture plant having 10 MT production capacity per day. AFNU’s cattle feed was 18,608  MT for the year ended 31st March, 2024. Recently, Maahi has launched scientifically formulated balanced cattle feed product Maahi Dan Anmol-50 Kg on 18th March, 2024. Maahi Dan Anmol is specially designed with contains high % of protein and fat with added Bypass Fat, Minerals and Vitamins. Maahi Dan Anmol is recommended for those milch breeds having high milk and fat %. Now, AFNU is equipped with By Pass “Protein Feed” plant & Maahi is manufacturing all its cattle feed variants viz.,

• Maahi Dan Anmol-50 Kg (BIS Type-I)
• Maahi Dan Power-50 Kg (BIS Type II)
• Maahi Dan Gold- 50 kg (BIS Type-II)
• Maahi Dan Regular-50 Kg
• Maahi Dan Junior- 20 Kg (Calf Starter)
• Maahi Dan Purak-50 Kg
• Maahi Dan Jute Bag-60 Kg
• Mineral Mixture under the Brand name of “Maahi Min” 1 Kg
• Maahi Makai Bhardo- 35 Kg
• Maahi Pashu sheetvardhak- 5.25 Kg
The production facilities have been certified for ISO 9001:2015 compliances and Maahi possess BIS logo on Maahi Dan Power BIS Type-II & Maahi Dan Sampoorna BIS Type-I)

AFNU is also manufacturing Mineral Mixture for other PCS like Bapudham Milk Producer Company Limited, Indujaa Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited,, Kashee Milk Producer Company Limited, Asha Mahila Milk Producer Company limited, Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited, Shwetdhara Milk Producer Company Limited, Muktaa Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited, Saahaj Milk Producer Company Limited, Baani Milk Producer Company Limited.

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