Animal Feed & Nutrition Unit 

Feed constitutes the most important factor affecting the productivity of milch cattle. Our Dairy animals are mostly fed crop residues and a small amount of concentrate ingredients. The quantum of the concentrates fed depends on their availability and price rather than on nutritional requirements of the animal. These practices have restricted the milk production from dairy animals whose average milk output remains much below their genetic potential. Imbalanced feeding also negatively affects the reproductive cycles of the dairy animals. Consequently there are lengthier calving intervals which again negatively impacts on the no. of offspring available and the overall milk output during the lifespan of the Dairy animals. The concept of providing the dairy animal with nutritionally balanced feed in accordance with its physiological states such as growth, pregnancy and lactation is yet to be accepted and assimilated by the dairy farmer.

Against this backdrop MMPCL deemed it appropriate to get into the cattle feed business with the objective of providing scientifically formulated feed at affordable prices to its members. Company is already in the business of selling of Maahi Daan and Maahi-min-Mineral mixture. However, in order to further expand its wings, as also to provide the cattle feed to the milk producers at reasonable price, we have taken over the cattle feed plant from NDDB situated at Khenderi, Rajkot on lease basis w.e.f. 1st April, 2018. The plant has an installed capacity of 200 tons of feed per day. It also has facilities for the production of bypass protein and mineral mixture. The plant is currently engaged in the production of quality cattle feed for milch animals and area specific mineral mixtures. It has introduced new feed variants to cater to the specific nutritional needs of calves, buffaloes and high yielding animals. It also forayed into the ‘Specialty Feeds’ segment, and now manufactures feed for Equines, Camels and Laboratory Animals.

MAAHIDAN POWER, its most selling variant bears ISI mark.(IS 2052:2009-M/L 7600049116)

The Unit is manufacturing MAAHIMIN, an Area Specific chelated Mineral Mixture, for its member milk producers. It also cater the requirements of Area Specific Mineral Mixtures for other Milk Producer Companies of the country, by manufacturing “SAAHAJMIN, BAPUDHAMMIN, SHREEJAMIN and INDUJAAMIN."

AFNU is also engaged in manufacturing MAAHI RATION BALANCER and SHREEJA RATION BALANCER.

During the summer of 2019, AFNU has started manufacturing “PASHUSHEETVARDHAK” by entering into an agreement with Animal Nutrition, Division of NDDB. The product has been specially formulated by the scientists of NDDB, for protecting milch animals from reduction of milk yield due to heat stress.

Our Animal Feed & Nutrition Unit has ISO-9001:2015 Certified Animal Feed manufacturing facilities. Our Maahi dan Power Cattle feed possesses ISI quality mark.


Characteristic Maahi Dan Power BIS Type-II Maahi Dan Regular Maahi Dan Purak
Moisture % (Max) 11 11 11
Protein % (Min) 20 18 16
Fat % (Min) 2.5 2 2
Fiber % (Max) 12 15 18
Silica % (Max) 4 5 5
Calcium % (Min) 0.8 - -
Total Phosphorus % (Min) 0.5 - -
Available Phosphorus % (Min) 0.25 - -
Vitamin A IU/Kg 7000 - -
Vitamin D3 IU/Kg 1200 - -
Vitamin E IU/Kg 30 - -