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Calf Rally organized at Chokdi village of Surendranagar district
Date: 09 Mar 2020
Place : Chokdi, Surendranagar
Glimpse of Events:

Maahi Milk Producer Company Limited (MMPCL) has implemented Artificial Insemination Services in its operational area with objective to improve breed and increase the milk productivity by producing high-pedigree progeny by Artificial Insemination (AI) and to protect animals from infectious diseases.

Maahi Milk Producer Company Limited had organized calf rally event and member awareness programme in the village Chokdi of Surendranagar district involving calves born through AI.

During the event, more than 90 milk producers and 37 AI borned calves participated. Each calf was evaluated based on standard scoring on weight, general health, breed characteristic and deworming status. The first 3 best maintained calves were appreciated with mementos. All the participants of ‘CALF RALLY’ were appreciated by offering the MAAHIMIN-Mineral Mixture. Also MAIT and Sahayak were appreciated by offering mementos.

Dr. Chimanlal Babariya, Manager-PES, MMPCL, Dr. Bharat Rajgor-PES-MMPCL, Dr. Ramesh Kavar, DI-Procurement-Surendranagar, Mr. Ashvin Bhuva, Area Incharge, Dr. Pankaj Patel. DI-PES-Surendranagar, Sh. Gambhirsinh Barad-Sarpanch of village, Government VO-Chuda and all other company staff graces the occasion and encourages the participants.

Milk means Maahi, Maahi means Milk.