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Inauguration of Bypass protein feed plant at AFNU
Date: 26 Jan 2020
Place : Animal Feed & Nutrition Unit-AFNU, Rajkot
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Animal Feed & Nutrition Unit-AFNU- has been equipped with BYPASS PROTEIN FEED plant, with the capacity to treat 300 MT of protein source monthly. Due to the specific treatment imparted, the treated protein is passing through Rumen without degradation by Rumen Bacteria and then digested in abomasum and small intestine, making available good amount of Amino acids for absorption in small intestine, which intern helps animal to produce more quality milk, with reduced cost. It helps in increasing growth rates up to 40% , when fed to calves. Bulls show increased libido and better semen quality following regular feeding of Bypass protein feed. Feeding of Bypass protein feed to animals results into decreased ammonia level in dung, with low Methane emission, helping in maintaining pollution free - healthy environment.

Maahi has been manufacturing all its Cattle feed variants, as Bypass protein feed , using formaldehyde treated protein source in the feed.

Milk means Maahi, Maahi means Milk.